Here in Cheyenne, WY, we have exploration, expedition, and offroading in our blood. Our friends, family and neighbors are ranchers, hunters, scouts, farmers, and with a few park rangers whom share the need for offroad vehicles across Wyoming and Colorado where the conditions are tough and vehicles need to be dependable. We emphasize engineering first and foremost with a peerless research and development program to match our comprehensive design and testing processes.

Each and every one of our vehicles and component packages is built to withstand the vast spans and distances serving our communities with dependability, survivability and ease of service. We know that only by thorough testing and research in the very conditions that each and every product is built to overcome, usually involving driving in some pretty extreme conditions that wreak havoc on equipment, can we then build the best stuff. Our development and testing grounds covers rugged terrain requiring crossing vast spans of wilderness, climbing mountain ranges, and fording stream and river crossings.

Each and every ROAM component is conceptualized, designed, tested, and made domestically within in the U.S. of A.. Our designs are sometimes copied by others, but we do not intend on competing against overseas built stuff by shear merit of low pricing alone. Our work can be recognized by the value through quality, function, and longevity of each and every one of our products.